This tutorial will show you how to edit your D2L profile to add a picture of yourself.

Step 1

  1. After logging into D2L, click the pull-down menu to the right of your name at the top-right of the window.
  2. Select [Profile].

Step 2

  1. Click [Change Picture].

Step 3

  1. Ensure that [My Computer] is selected.
  2. Click [Browse].

Step 4

  1. Browse to the location where you have stored your picture and select the file.
  2. Click [Open].

Step 5

  1. Click [Upload].

Step 6

  1. You should see your picture appear in your profile.
  2. Please note: You can also customize your profile with other information you wish to make public. For example, you can add your hometown, or links to your social networking profiles (i.e., Facebook). In doing so, others can request friendship on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, and add you to their Google and/or LinkedIn networks.