This hands-on guide will help you inserting images and text into your ePortfolio reflections.  I highly recommend printing this document and follow along step-by-step.

You can also watch the video tutorial below.



Before you begin, you must have:

  1. A basic ePortfolio created with Reflections attached to a Presentation.
  2. A set of images that you would like to place in your reflection essay.
  3. A reflection essay written in a word processing program, like Microsoft Word.


In this tutorial, you will learn to:

  1. Upload images to your ePortfolio
  2. Copy and paste text from Microsoft Word into your eP Reflection
  3. Insert the uploaded images into your Reflection text.


Let’s get started:

To access D2L’s ePortfolio, log in to D2L ( using your ePanther ID and password. Go to our D2L course site by clicking on the name of our course. Once you are in our course, click on [ePortfolio] in the upper navigation bar.


Step 1

  1. From the [ePortfolio] or [My Items] tab, click [Upload].
  2. Select [File from computer].

Step 2

  1. Click [Browse…]. Navigate to the location where you have stored your image.
  2. Click on the picture you wish to select.
  3. Click [Open].

Step 3

  1. Click [Upload].

Step 4

  1. Once you return to the “Add Artifact’ window, click [Next].

Step 5

  1. You may change the title, add a description, or add a tag. When finished, click [Save].

Step 6

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the “Edit Artifact” page and click [Done].

Step 7

  1. From the “View Artifact” page, click [My Items].

Your newly uploaded image file will appear under “My Items”

Repeat “Steps 1” through “Steps 7” until you have uploaded all the images you would like to include in your ePortfolio reflection essay.

Step 8

  1. Identify the Reflection you’d like to insert text into. Note: Reflections have icons that looks like a little green cloud.
  2. Click the [Down arrow] to the right.
  3. Select [Edit].

Step 9

  1. In the text editor, click the [Advanced] tab.
  2. Click the [Paste from Word]. The icon looks like a piece of paper with a “w” on it.
  3. Open your reflection document in MS Word on your computer. If you have inserted images into your Word Document, you should delete these. Copy ONLY THE TEXT from your Word Document and paste it in the “Paste from Word” window.
  4. Click [Insert].

Step 10

  1. In the text editor, locate the place in the text where you wish to insert a picture. Place your cursor between the paragraphs and click the [Enter] key on your keyboard a few times in order to give your picture some space.
  2. Ensure that you are on the [Advanced] tab and click the [Insert Stuff] icon (icon looks like a media buttons).

Step 11

  1. Select the image you would like from the “Artifacts” storage area.
  2. Click [Insert].

Step 12

  1. In the [Link Text] area enter descriptive text about the image.
  2. Enter the descriptive text about the image in the [Alternative Text] area .
  3. Ensure that the [Lock aspect ratio] button is selected and enter 500 in the [Width] area.
  4. Click [Insert].

Step 13

  1. Ensure that the image has been placed in the correct location.

Repeat “Steps 10” through “Steps 12” until you have inserted all the images you would like to include in your ePortfolio reflection essay.

Step 14

  1. When you are finished inerting all your images, scroll to the bottom of the “Edit Reflection” page and click [Done].

Step 15

  1. Review the placement of your inmages and text. Click [My Items] to view your Presentation.

Step 16

  1. Identify the Presentation you’d like to view. Note: Presentations have icons that looks like a little easle.
  2. Click the [Down arrow] to the right.
  3. Select [View].